The winter is just around the corner; the temperature is in downhill and Staroil is ready, once again, to offer you a unique winter experience securing the warmth of your home. Dedicated to delivering high-quality fuels with expert service at competitive prices, the company offers evolved heating oil which secures the performance of your heating in the most efficient way.


In its bid to continuously invest and upgrade in its products, Staroil, has imported special additives from Germany which improve the thermal stability of your system and lead to the most efficient operation of your heating with cost-effective consumption. Additionally, Staroil’s evolved heating oil, ensures that pump blockings and corrosion are prevented aiding to the heating system’s better conservation and longevity.


Staroil’s Executive Director, George Petrou, stated: “Staroil, once again, stands by the consumer offering him/her premium fuels that ensure the most cost-efficient and effective working of his/her heating. With Staroil’s evolved heating oil and the expert service of our staff, that we are proud of, Staroil guarantees a pleasant and warm winter. Just a simple call is needed and we take care of the rest. As our slogan states, Staroil…and you are getting warm!”


The only thing you have to do is call 22575004, and you can get Staroil’s evolved heating oil delivered to your place in the most convenient way at a time that best suits you.