STAROIL announces the launch of the ‘Staroil goes Green’ programme, which includes actions aimed at making the company friendlier to the environment and contribute towards its protection.

Within the framework of the program, Staroil has installed a photovoltaics system in its gas station at Pefkou street in Lakatamia, Nicosia, and plans to extend this action to the rest of the stations. The company’s goal is to have one STAROIL station enter the ‘STAROIL goes Green’ programme every two months, until all of them are powered by photovoltaics.

The main goal of this program is to make the STAROIL stations as friendly to the environment as possible, by reducing its Carbon Footprint. This is proof of the company’s sensitivities when it comes to environmental issues while it also serves as a starting point for a more active engagement in the field of environmental protection, through actions that will be announced at a later stage.

STAROIL CEO, Yiorgos Petrou, said that ‘our decision to move forward with fitting our stations with photovoltaics and launch the ‘Staroil Goes Green’ programme is the embodiment of our environmental priorities. We believe that it is extremely important that companies such as Staroil take an active role and contribute in a practical way to protecting the environment, by improving their environmental performance through taking initiatives for the sustainability of our country and strengthening the ecosystem.

Additionally to installing photovoltaics to its stations, STAROIL is also working on an action plan to take initiatives on environmental issues in communities where its stations are operating. Through these actions, the company wishes to express its appreciation to the residents of the areas where the stations are located and improve the local ecosystem.