Veedol Lubricants


Staroil is Veedol lubricants exclusive distributor in Cyprus and you now can find the world renowned lubricants in all its gas stations. With more than a century of experience in lubricants, Veedol, founded in the US in 1913 and based in the Netherlands, is well-known for the reliability and efficiency of its lubricants.

The specialization and expertise of the company in lubricants combined with its professionalism and the wide range of products it offers have established it as the professional’s choice for over a century. Indicative of Veedol’s longstanding history in the sector, is that its engine oil was selected for the first mass-production car, namely T-Ford in 1914, while in 1979 it supplied synthetic fuel to the Columbia Space Rocket in its travel to Space.

STAROIL’s experienced and specialized staff is more than happy and eager to help you make the best choice of lubricants, which can meet your needs.

You may find more information about Veedol and its products and to find the right oil for your engine here Veedol Oil Finder

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